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Best Biophilic Design Patterns For Your Home

A biophilic design is an architectural and interior design technique in which natural elements such as soil, rocks, and water are contained within a building to make it more appealing. Having a biophilic design for your home or building can bring up the freshness and make you feel like you’re close to nature. We at The Scenery, offer several biophilic elements to add to your home or building. Here are some of the best biophilic design patterns and elements that liven up the places we’re assigned to look after.

Visual Connections To Nature

Our sense of sight is one of the most important senses. It allows us to experience textures, colors, and the overall sensation that comes with space. Having visually appealing plants that are tall and green can really bring up the visual effect that nature provides us which can be maintained through a biophilic pattern connection.

Air Flow

Fresh air assists in preventing a room or the inside of a building from feeling damp and stale. With a lot of fresh air flowing in from all sides, you can experience a sense of freshness and liveliness. If your home is not designed for optimal airflow, or you live in an apartment in a building, having plants placed strategically around windows and on the sides of doors can really help bring in a sense of freshness to the overall environment.

Presence Of Water

One of the best biophilic design patterns is having the presence of water in an indoor environment. Having moving water within an indoor environment helps in purifying the air. This biophilic design pattern is best suited for large hallways.

Dynamic Lighting

Having lights that adjust their hues and mimic the natural changes we experience during the day is also one of the best biophilic design patterns you can have indoors. Having dynamic lighting is a very important stimulus that our eyes adjust to and makes us feel connected to our circadian rhythm.


Having dynamic lighting can also help your indoor plants live out their natural photosynthetic cycles. Plants also need a variable intensity of light throughout the day, and just like us, thrive best in environments that mimic our earthly environments.

Biomorphic Patterns 

Biomorphic patterns include patterns that mimic those found in nature. Having a stone wall that looks like the base of a stream or a leopard’s skin is all part of the many biophilic design patterns you can have to brighten up your indoor spaces. Floor patterns and natural textiles hanging from walls can also help bring a sense of homeliness to the bare concrete.


Having biophilic design patterns in an indoor environment can really help shape an entire space into a little natural wonder. We as creatures of nature feel best in such environments and it's nice to have part of our planet around our concrete walls at all times.


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