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Best Landscaping Plans For Your Desert Garden

Desert gardens are the most obvious choice of outdoor decoration for most homeowners who live in an arid region. But even if you don’t live in a desert, you can still design and maintain a desert garden that massively improves your outdoor space. Despite their ability to thrive in dry and humid conditions, most desert plant species still require proper care and attention like any other plant. By choosing desert landscaping plans that are ideal for your area and putting some thought into your plant picks, you can transform your outdoor space into a desert garden you’re proud of.

Here are some ideas on some of the best landscaping plans you can use to design your very own desert garden.

A Pattern Of Agaves

Cacti and desert shrubs are great but we recommend you change things up and go for a pattern of agaves for your desert garden. Agaves feature rosettes of large, green, and fleshy leaves that can instantly liven up your desert garden. You’ll find that most landscaping plans definitely include agaves on the list and there is a good reason for that. Agaves have a very compact and firm shape which makes them ideal for planters. You can also choose to have them planted around the yard as they are super versatile in that regard.

Elegant Pillars Of Saguaro

If you have a large space to work with, consider planting saguaro. Saguaro is a large columnar cactus that features branches or arms that protrude at the sides. They dominate the space and are absolutely striking to look at. Dot your yard with pillars of saguaro and have a garden oasis of your own.

Fields Of Columnar Cactuses

The columnar cactus is a type of cactus that is well suited for bespoke landscaping. If you’re looking for landscaping plans for your pathways or even your driveways located in a desert area, then these plants are the way to go. Being cactuses, they survive quite well in the outdoor desert heat and provide a great opportunity for you to mix them within a mesh of mountain stone and other desert plants to create a scenic view of your own.

Dome Fields Of Golden Barrel Cactus

Having dome fields of golden barrel cactuses is nothing short of a desert dream. They are easy to maintain and provide you with a great aesthetic experience for your outdoor desert garden. Golden barrel cactuses are small and round, making them a great option for making design patterns and more.

Oasis Of Desert Palm Trees

A desert outdoor space can be too much space at times. One of the best landscaping plans involves the filling of empty space and having a dessert garden of your own. You can achieve this by planting desert palm trees. Not only are they perfect candidates for desert environments because of their natural resilience to tough weather conditions, but they also help you bring a certain design aesthetic to an otherwise empty space. You can plant these desert palm trees in certain shapes or in a circle to have yourself an artificial oasis.

If you’re looking for desert garden ideas and landscaping techniques, you should check out our portfolio and contact us to schedule your landscaping design consultation.


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