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Top Tips On Cleaning An Indoor Plant

Indoor plants are quite popular. In fact, indoor plants are a key component in keeping an apartment or a house aesthetically pleasing. They help us reconnect with nature in a heavily industrialized world. They help lighten the mood and purify the air while asking for nothing in return. Like most things, cleaning an indoor plant should be part of routine maintenance. It helps bring that lively look to them that makes having them worthwhile.

Read on below to understand why cleaning an indoor plant is important and the top tips to get the most out of your cleaning methods.

Reasons For Cleaning An Indoor Plant

Plants are living things. These living things are capable of making their own food from sunlight and nutrients that gather from the soil they are planted in. Cleaning a plant's leaves and stem not only makes them look fresh but also helps the pores on their leaves get more fresh air. Plants extract harmful carbon dioxide to produce oxygen via a process called photosynthesis. Having clean leaves can help a plan gather more of this harmful carbon dioxide from the air, helping both themselves and our breathe better.

Here are some top tips on cleaning an indoor plant:

Tip #1 - Use A Duster

Typically, plant leaves only have a thin layer of dust on them that blocks that essential airflow that allows them to breathe. Using a soft duster to clean their leaves is a good start if you wanna get the job done quickly. It helps clean the film of dust that accumulates on your typical house furniture as well. Gently grab the leaf and scrub the film off the leaves from both its sides.

Tip #2 - Use A Spray Bottle For Leaves

If your indoor plants have sensitive leaves, like the mimosa pudica, you can use a spray to clean their leaves. Plants like these might start wilting if their leaves are touched and it’s best to put your fingers away. Use a spray bottle to gently spray water on them. The water will wash off any films of dust that are prevalent on them and will make them look fresher and more alive.

Tip #3 - Use A Wet Cloth For Stems

As indoor plants are kept in pots, their stems are neglected quite often. Plant stems are the vascular part of the plant and help it suck water up to its leaves. Most plant stylists recommend that stems of indoor plants be considered during regular cleaning schedules.

Cleaning an indoor plant with its stem is easy. Just grab a cloth and dampen it with water. Gently wipe the dust off the stem until it starts to look clean and fresh. Make sure that you use the cleaner side of the cloth when you wipe. This will prevent from it getting more dirt from the part of the cleaning cloth that has already been used.

Tip #4 - Freshen The Soil With A Small Shovel

Freshening a plant’s soil by removing the top bits and replacing them with fresh soil in front of the ground is good practice. Not only does help in cleaning an indoor plant, but it also helps bring the plant new nutrients from the ground. The new soil can help it absorb what it’s been missing and become healthier and greener.

Tip #5 - Use A Soft Brush

Similar to cleaning plants with a duster, a soft brush can help you clean leaves and even stems with more effectiveness. A soft brush helps clean plants such as succulents and cactuses. Since the plain surface of a duster or a cloth might get stuck in the rough, thorny surface of such plants, it’s best to use a brush. Simply brush off the visible dust from the surface. Do it gently so that you don’t get a thorn in your hand.

Cleaning an indoor plant is very easy if you do it thoroughly and regularly. They don’t require much effort to thrive and cleaning them can bring a newer, fresher look to them and your home.


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